Water Dragons (Hall & McKaig) Southwest tour

What do dragons, water, cacti, theater, guitars, accordions and mandolins have in common? Two talented women, Sands Hall and Maggie McKaig.  Both were born under the Chinese astrological sign of the dragon—specifically, the water dragon. Sands plays guitar and a bit of mandolin; Maggie accordion and guitar and just about anything placed in proximity to her adept fingers. They’re both wordsmiths and singers, and they both work in theater. To celebrate this most auspicious year of the dragon, and in honor of their common energies, Hall & Mckaig decided to play some concerts together, and the Great Water Dragon Southwest Tour was created.

The muses of music, writing, and theater have long hovered around the gifted Hall & McKaig. The pair met about ten years ago on a balmy summer night, singing and playing guitars around a campfire in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada, where they both have homes. Through the following years, with enthusiastic encouragement from friends, family, and random audiences, the two women frequently found themselves playing together at gatherings and parties, fundraisers and concerts. Over time, they developed a repertoire of beautiful soul-searching, heart lifting songs—transporting listeners to as many different lands, moods, and emotions as there are colors in a dragon’s scales.

Hall & McKaig’s multi-faceted music and layered lyrics, combined with their entrancing abilities as storytellers, ensures an evening that will have you laughing out loud, maybe even crying, and definitely singing. You may even feel compelled to dance! As a dragon’s scales shine with mysterious color, so does an evening with Sands & Maggie. Join us!

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