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I’m reposting as I heard from a few of view that you couldn’t access it and/or respond to it. Thanks for following!

Durango Porch Concertito

Breakfast at Michael’s in Taos—eggs over easy with corn tortillas and avocado and salsa; is there anything better? At a table next to ours sat two men just finishing breakfast. One florid-faced and husky, wearing overalls; the other slim, quiet, blue eyes. Weathered faces—they could have been 48 or 53 or 62.  As we chatted […]

Santa Fe & Taos

Our delightful adventure at Sparkeys in Hatch had made us quite late, and we lashed Rogue hard, galloping as fast as we could towards Santa Fe. Near Albuquerque the sun slowly squatted and then poured out of sight over a western horizon; high in the still-light eastern sky a moon began to glow. Miles later […]

The Fence

Concert #1: Rio Rico The short version: it went splendidly. Tracy packed her house with wonderful friends, all of whom it was a pleasure to meet. We played two sets and had a fabulous time. My song “Rustler’s Moon,” contains the lyric, “he gallops ‘cross the river down near Smithy’s Ford…” which appeared to inspire […]


Here’s what we expected: A drive up a dark and curving Highway 20 to I-80 to Squaw Valley, wrestling with the electric fence we’ve had to install to keep the bears from breaking in, and entry into a cold house where my nephew Nico and his wife Ola might or might not be visiting for […]

3 Days

Stored next to the piano is a growing collection of stuff: sleeping bag, the case of wine promised my sister for the first concert (3 nights away), assorted presents for our hosts, copies of my novel Catching Heaven to put out for sale beside Maggie’s CDs, nuts and raisins and TJ tips teabags, a shoebox […]


A number of you have written to ask where we’ll be playing. Here’s the plan: Itinerary: Hall & McKaig Waterdragon Tour, Summer, 2012 5/30: Rio Rico, Arizona 6/1: Tucson, Arizona 6/3: Santa Fe, New Mexico 6/7: Durango, Colorado 6/9: Carbondale, Colorado 6/10 Grand Junction, Colorado 6/13: Squaw Valley, California 6/17: Nevada City, California